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Patrick Varine



Patrick is a Pittsburgh-area singer-songwriter, and is also part of the Wolf TonesCharlie Hustle & the Grifters and Dead & In The Way with Pete and Trish.

Trish Imbrogno

double bass/vocals


Trish is a member of the Grant Street GriftersMolly Alphabet, Sweaty Already, Dead & In The Way, and the Casual Hobos.

Pete Flynn



Pete is a member of the Grant Street Grifters, Dead & In the Way, the Beagle Bros. and Charlie Hustle & the Grifters.

Jim Kuzemka



Jim is a veteran of the former Mon River Ramblers. He's been sitting in with us off and on for a while, and now he's sittin' in all the time!


"Pat, we should change our name to the Vax Mountain Boys now that we all got the second shot!"

Well, we considered Trish's idea briefly, but we're just happy to be preparing to get out and about, pickin' for the public once again in what we hope will be the slow and steady return of live music!

We're doin' our part, wood-shedding some new tunes and lining up what looks to be a real fun summer of regional festivals as well as the return to our "home base" Biers Pub on Pittsburgh's North Side — hope to see yinz there!

In the meantime, the videos to the left include one of our latest original tunes, "Last Night," and our St. Patrick's Day livestream with the Argonauts.

Grass in the Glades 2020, Gibbon Glade, Pa.

Originally conceived as a reference to Pat's default state-of-being between April and September — as in, "We haven't even started the show yet and Pat's sweaty already!" — the Sweaty Already String Band hits the stage with a blend of traditional and modern bluegrass, along with some unexpected covers and original tunes steeped in the tradition of the Appalachian region where we all grew up.

We can't tell you how much we're looking forward to getting out and playing once again!​

One of the best things about the local bluegrass community is how many pals we have with the talent to jump in and pick for an evening. We've been lucky enough to have Danny Rectenwald from the Bastard Bearded Irishmen rollin' with us, along with regional friends like DeAnna Efaw, Megan Williams, Dr. Jon Finder, Jason Ericsson and more!

Our newest member, Jim Kuzemka, brings a wealth of experience from his time with the Mon River Ramblers, and we're puttin' him to work!

Pete, Trish & Pat perform with Dead & in the Way

at the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh's South Side.